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Picture This: A Visual Conversation on Education across Europe through a Temporally-Inflected Lens

Network 17 proposes to organise at the Emerging Research Conference ( a workshop centred around audio-/visual materials as entranceways into current debates to do with education in (and beyond) Europe.

That is, through a temporally-inflected lens the workshop aims to investigate what the analysis of such artifacts could add in terms of surplus value to cross-/inter-/disciplinary European dialogue concerning education. Concretely, it would offer participants a selection of essays on images analysed in NW 17’s e-/book “Education across Europe: A Visual Conversation” for them to discuss in groups of five.

Each group would receive a different set of visual essays and report their findings (reflections, ideas for further research, critical feedback, and the like) back to the whole group. In order to facilitate discussion, all groups would be given a series of questions which could (but need not) inspire their analysis.

Among such questions would be the following: what could careful scrutiny of the images used for the essays in “Education across Europe” offer to contemporary reflection on issues relating to education in (and beyond) Europe today and on challenges for European education/educational research of tomorrow? How do the images and essays relate to your own research and could they possibly help produce new avenues of research? What aspects touched upon in the essays or observed in the images deserve to receive (more?) attention in educational research? What theoretical and methodological frameworks underlie the analysis of these visual essays; do you find them entirely adequate; if not, what novel or other theories and methodologies would be required to paint a picture that does more justice to the complexities of education/educational research touched upon therein? In the conversation following the reporting back in the whole group, aspects and approaches of research around which NW17 has acquired notable experience and expertise would then be highlighted (e.g., underexplored research “data” like “materialities” and related routines and technologies of education).

Picture This: A Visual Conversation on Education across Europe through a Temporally-Inflected Lens
Network Workshop

Room: OB-E2.38 (ALE 4)
Chair:Helena Ribeiro de Castro